Khale Whiterun

Snow Elf Wizard


Khale is a snowelf. He has long hair thats in a ponytail. His eyes are white as the same as his hair. He is a pretty boy. He has a rune symbol on his right hand. Elf Age 165 (age: 17)


I am Khale Whiterun prince of the northern elf tribe. My father and mother reigned over the northern continent. I looked up to my father hoping to become the man he was. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I even took up wizardry and trained hard for many years. I also had a dear friend who is one of my close servants who stuck next to me since we were kids. We would get into so much trouble together, but I would always take the blame just to avoid her from getting into trouble. The times were peaceful and fun.. until the day our kingdom fell. It was night, the land was swept by a large storm. I woke up hearing screams coming from the halls. I ran to the door, and met my friend on the other side of the door. She grabbed my hand and told me the king summoned me. I rushed with no pause to see what was going on. As we headed to the throne room, soliders were fighting unknown men who had broken into the castle. We snuck past undetected. There were bloodshed, bodies of soldiers laying on the ground every turn we took as we hurried to my father. When we opened the throne room, I fell to my knees with tears running down my cheek. My father holding my mother in his arms, crying. She has been killed. My father laid her down and came to me. He told me to head to the docks with my servant and escape on the boats. He gave me his amulet and told my servant to keep me safe. He held me and told me he loved me and to survive as the last heir to the throne. My friend grabbed my hand and we ran to the docks and escaped. As we fled on the ship a large bolt of lightning struck the castle and my father’s screams echoed through the kingdom. I cried as my servant held me. I swore I would seek revenge for my kingdom and my family. The ones who defiled our name will pay with their blood.

Khale Whiterun

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